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All models earn up to $500 USD per day and is guaranteed work

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All recordings are done by signed contracts with the actress

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We only offer you to work on professionel productions with the best clients in the industry

Working as an adult model for 21 Studio

21 Studio offer models $500 USD per day in salary, sometimes more, depending on your availability and how much you can offer as a model.

Most models work 1-2 days every month, where you will be asked to work as a model in our Studio or at a location. Besides working in the Studio or at location, we also ask all of our models to send 2-4 galleries of selfie photos and selfie video every week. This is also a part of your work as a model, and a part of your salary.

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Once we recieve your model application, a model agent from 21 Studio will contact you for a short interview. This usually happens within a few day after we recieve your application. If 21 Studio decide to offer you a model contract, our agent will send you a few documents you need to sign. Once the paper work has been signed, you are ready to start working as a model.

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But wait, I have a few questions

Question Answer
Do I need experience as a model? No! While some modeling experience is nice, most of the talent we sign have never taken professional photos before
Can i work as an adult actress for 21 Studio when i also have to attend my studies? Yes, we can typically plan your model work in a way it does not conflict with your studies. Many times after hours or during weekends.
Will anyone know my real name? No, only people working at 21 Studio will know your real name. All models at 21 Studio have an alias or artist name, and this is the name we use when the video is published.
Where will videos be used? The photos and videos we record with you will be used on different websites and published as DVDs for sale. The majority of the video content will be sold to various clients across the world to be published on adult websites.
Do i have to be naked on all the videos? We do various themes and different kind of productions, but you will be nude in the majority of all of video content.
What kind of sexual videos do i have to do? 1-2 times per month we will ask you to work at our photo studio or at a location, typically a luxury design apartment a hotel suite or similar, where we do the professionel photos and video recording. At these recordings and photo sessions, you will be required to engage in sexual activity. Our model agent will arrange with you exactly what is required for each recording session.
Do i have to pay anything myself to get started working as a model for 21 Studio? No, working for 21 Studio is free for all of our models. In fact, you will get paid for every project you do.
How do I get started working as a model? Simply fill out the model form on the Become a model page. Then you will be contacted by one of our bookers.
How soon after I sign up can I expect to start making money? Once we receive your application and choose to work with you, we set up your interview to get casting photos & video. You are working paid jobs within 14 days.

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